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The Importance of Learning English!!

It is well-known that language is the means by which we share our thoughts and ideas with others: it is our primary source of communication.

There are thousands of languages in the world, but it is impossible for a person to learn them all so if people who speak different languages want to speak to each other, they need a language they both know.

Here is where learning English becomes a “must”, basically, because it has become the international language of education and business, not to mention science and technology. Read on to discover other reasons why learning English is so important in today’s globalized world.

  • For the millions of tourists or immigrants from non-English speaking countries who visit other countries every year, learning how to communicate in English is essential to move about: ask for help, have a conversation, lead an active social life enjoying activities typical of the community they are visiting.
  • Being able to understand English gives you access to all kind of resources whatever your interests are, music, science, art, sports, business, etc. The primary language of the information agewe live in is English: not only in the World Wide Web, in social media networks, in the most important websites, but also in software manuals and guides, and in entertainment devices.
  • English is a vital part of success to enter a global workforce in the corporate world. If you know English your chances to get a better job locally or abroad are greater. Companies that have customers in different non-speaking countries rely on English as a means of communication so they need English speaking staff to increase their opportunities of getting better contracts or of getting the best partners anywhere in the world.
  • English is the language of the most important universities in the world: it is regarded as the language of higher education, so if you want to study in one of those: Cambridge, Oxford, MIT, Harvard, etc. you will need to learn English to pass the English test that gives you access.

The above reasons are just a few of the many you can think of to understand the importance of learning English. Besides being useful, English can give you a lot of satisfaction: it will make you feel great when you realize you can progress, maybe slowly but steadily.

Accepting the challenge of learning it and starting to communicate with people from any country in the world will give you a sense of personal achievement and fulfillment.

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