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How to select the right tutor with Tutor Hunt

With more tutors registered with Tutor Hunt than perhaps any other tuition company, you are certain to find the right teacher for yourself or your child. But with so much choice you may find it difficult to decide who will be the right person. The following tips should help you narrow down your selection, and ensure you pick the tutor who is most able to meet your needs.

First of all decide if you would like face to face tuition, or online lessons. Both have advantages and disadvantages: with online lessons there will be no travel complications, and no risk of contracting covid-19. Face to face lessons may be more engaging, and provide a better learning environment. You can select which type of tuition you require on the Tutor Hunt home page: simply select `In-person`, or `Online`.

After choosing the subject and level, and clicking the green search button, you will be presented with a list of tutors who match your criteria. The data presented will show the name of each tutor, the range of their hourly rates (as they probably teach a number of subjects with different prices), how long they have been a member with Tutor Hunt, and a brief piece of text about them. You will be able to find out far more detailed information about each tutor by clicking on their white box, and viewing their individual profile page. Before you do this however you may want to scroll down the list to see the results we have presented you with. Those closest to the top of the list are the tutors we feel match your requirements most closely.

You may have a specific budget in mind, having decided that you wish to have one or two lessons per week for a certain period of time. On the left hand side of the search results page you will see two horizontal green bars. The uppermost bar will conveniently allow you to select a price range, the pair of circles terminating the bar permitting you to choose the upper and lower limits. Simply click one of the circles and slide it towards the other – you will see the price changing as you do this, the search results automatically updating to suit your price range.

Below the horizontal green bars you will see `qualifications`, and you can click the two boxes to filter your results further to tutors who are teachers, or possess a degree. If you are adamant you wish to book a tutor of a certain gender you can click either the `male` or `female` box. At the bottom of each tutor`s profile page you will see any feedback left by students or parents who have  had lessons with them in the past.

At this point you should be able find three or four candidates who look to be suitable. After reading the profile pages of each you may be unsure how to decide which of them will be best. At this point it will be helpful to contact each tutor through the website. This is very easily done, all you have to do is click the green `Contact this tutor` button in the top right hand corner of each tutor`s profile. Your initial message to each tutor could be identical, which you can cut and paste to save time. If you are looking for a tutor for your child, you should state what year group they are in, and what difficulties they are having with the subject. You should also specify the day of the week and the time you would want tuition.

Once the tutors respond we will send you an email, and you will need to log into your tutor hunt account to read their messages. Most tutors respond within 24 hours. The replies you receive will help you decide which tutor seems most appropriate. You are certainly free to ask further questions, and we would encourage you to do so if you are still unsure which tutor to book lessons with. You can be quite specific in your enquiries: perhaps you would like to ask each tutor how they would go about teaching a specific part of the syllabus. The answers you receive to such particular questions as these should give you some idea as to their personalities and teaching methods, and so help you make a decision. Once you have selected a tutor you can write a final message to them, stating that you would like tuition to go ahead on the prearranged times. They will then make the booking, and you will receive a message from Tutor Hunt asking you to confirm it.


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