David Martin

The multiple-context relational approach generated by the empirical research

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In the category of information literacy as Education the ternary relationship reflects the facilitating role of the information educator encouraging users to become information literate and independent learners, able to deal with open-ended goals as shown in Figure 3.5.

The way this relationship operates in practice is illustrated by one of the students who as an academic librarian comments on his attempt to encourage users to ‘think for themselves and find the correct information […] all I can do is give them the tools which enables [them] to find the information they require […] it is better [for them] in the long-term’ (S_8). The facilitating role of the information literacy educator is also explored as a way of bridging the gap between the visual competences of art students and the requirement for a textual approach associated with research. Student 17 argues that such a user-centred strategy, which was the focus of her AIR proposal, requires a high level of flexibility on the part of the librarian and a willingness to customise user education to foster an intellectual engagement within a context which is familiar to learners.